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Upcoming Shows
7/12/18 The Exchange Bristol, United Kingdom
22/12/18 The Waterfront Studio Norwich, United Kingdom
2/2/19 Shout Louder Fest! Gulivers Manchester, United Kingdom
9/3/19 Barking Mad Fest at Warehouse 23 Wakefield, United Kingdom
14/3/19 TBC Europe
15/3/19 TBC Europe
16/3/19 TBC Europe
17/3/19 TBC Europe
18/3/19 TBC Europe
19/3/19 TBC Europe
20/3/19 TBC Europe
21/3/19 TBC Europe
22/3/19 TBC Europe
23/3/19 TBC Europe
24/3/19 TBC Europe
25/3/19 TBC Europe

Previous Shows 2018
11/11/18 Pie Race w/K-Man and the 45's Leeds, United Kingdom
10/11/18 Old Town House w/K-Man and the 45's Warrington, United Kingdom
9/11/18 REDRUM w/K-Man and the 45's Stafford, United Kingdom
3/11/18 Podstock 3 King's Lynn, United Kingdom
1/11/18 Lola w/K-Man and the 45's Groningen, Netherlands
31/10/18 Skalloween Festival Aalst, Belgium
30/10/18 Sonic Ballroom w/K-Man and the 45's Cologne, Germany
29/10/18 Menschenzoo w/K-Man and the 45's Hamburg, Germany
28/10/18 Shorty Media w/K-Man and the 45's Braunschweig, Germany
27/10/18 Don't Panic! w/K-Man and the 45's Essen, Germany
26/10/18 ACU w/K-Man and the 45's Ultrecht, Netherlands
29/9/18 Wotsit Called Fest Hastings, United Kingdom Tickets
8/9/18 Brum Punx Picnic! Birmingham, United Kingdom
12/8/18 Boomtown Fair Winchester, United Kingdom
11/8/18 Frog and Fiddle w/Voodoo Glow Skulls Cheltenham, United Kingdom
10/8/18 Temple of Boom w/Voodoo Glow Skulls Leeds, United Kingdom
7/8/18 The Underworld w/Voodoo Glow Skulls London, United Kingdom
6/8/18 REDRUM w/Voodoo Glow Skulls Stafford, United Kingdom
5/8/18 Rebellion Festival w/Voodoo Glow Skulls Blackpool, United Kingdom
4/8/18 Outcider Festival Somerset, United Kingdom
22/7/18 Level Up Fest London, United Kingdom
21/7/18 Evil Hoof Picnic 2 Manchester, United Kingdom
1/7/18 Livehouse Wall Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
30/6/18 Nagoya Aichi, Japan
29/6/18 Sinsaibashi Osaka, Japan
28/6/18 Tachikawa West Tokyo, Japan
27/6/18 Shinjuku Tokyo, Japan
27/5/18 Suburbs w/ New Town Kings Guildford, United Kingdom
26/5/18 Old Town House Warrington, United Kingdom
25/5/18 Hairy Dog w/ New Town Kings Derby, United Kingdom
19/5/18 Colchester Arts Centre w/ New Town Kings Colchester, United Kingdom
18/5/18 Phoenix Bar w/ New Town Kings High Wycombe, United Kingdom
6/5/18 Bassment w/ New Town Kings Chelmsford, United Kingdom
5/5/18 Borderline w/ New Town Kings London, United Kingdom
4/5/18 Redrum w/ New Town Kings Stafford, United Kingdom
28/4/18 The Owl Sanctuary Norwich, United Kingdom
7/4/18 Mukkes Rock Cafe Leeuwarden, Netherlands
6/4/18 Beauraing is not dead Beauraing, Germany
5/4/18 Wild At Heart Berlin, Germany
4/4/18 Jungle Club Koln, Germany
3/4/18 Schwarzer Bar Hannover, Germany
2/4/18 Hafermarkt Flensburg, Germany
1/4/18 Menschenzoo Hamburg, Germany
31/3/18 Bierschinken Festival Dortmund, Germany
30/3/18 La Comedia, Paris France
23/2/18 The Arches Coventry, United Kingdom
13/1/18 The Palace Hastings, United Kingdom

Previous Shows 2017
10/12/17 The Fleece w/ Jaya The Cat Bristol, United Kingdom
9/12/17 Underworld London, United Kingdom
17/11/17 Phoenix Bar w/ The Filaments High Wycombe, United Kingdom
11/11/17 The Fighting Cocks Kingston-upon-Thames, United Kingdom
13/10/17 T-Chances London, United Kingdom
6/10/17 Temple of Boom Leeds, United Kingdom
30/9/17 Redrum Stafford, United Kingdom
11/9/17 Illusive Festival Corby, United Kingdom
12/8/17 Boomtown Fair w/The Planet Smashers Winchester, United Kingdom
11/8/17 Redrum w/The Planet Smashers Stafford, United Kingdom
10/8/17 Trillians w/The Planet Smashers Newcastle, United Kingdom
9/8/17 The Owl Sanctuary w/The Planet Smashers Norwich, United Kingdom
8/8/17 The Underworld w/The Planet Smashers London, United Kingdom
6/8/17 Rebellion Blackpool, United Kingdom
22/7/17 KNRD Fest Hormersdorf, Germany
21/7/17 Tiefengrund Frankfurt, Germany
20/7/17 Kopf & Kragen Fürth, Germany
19/7/17 Parkclub Fürstenwalde Spree, Germany
16/7/17 Hamtorkrug Neuss, Germany
15/7/17 Rock im Daal Open-Air Kirchenbollenbach, Germany
14/7/17 Sonic Ballroom Koln, Germany
13/7/17 Menschenzoo Hamburg, Germany
12/7/17 Hafermarkt Flensburg, Germany
10/7/17 Schokoladen Berlin, Germany
9/7/17 Sto Leipzig, Germany
8/7/17 Störfaktor Festival Zwickau, Germany
7/7/17 Krach Am Bach Festival Prolsdorf, Germany
24/6/17 0161 Festival Manchester, United Kingdom
29/4/17 Punk Rock BBQ Stamford, United Kingdom
27/4/17 El Topo goes Loco Mol, Belgium
26/4/17 The Wild Irish Rover Club Aachen, Germany
25/4/17 Kurzbar Mannheim, Germany
21-23/4/17 Manchester Punk Festival Manchester, United Kingdom
1/4/17 The Boars Head Kidderminster, United Kingdom
18/3/17 The Exchange Bristol, United Kingdom
17/3/17 The Maze Nottingham, United Kingdom
12/3/17 Brannerman's Bar Edinburgh, United Kingdom
11/3/17 Redd Suite Dundee, United Kingdom
10/3/17 Think Tank? Newcastle, United Kingdom
5/3/17 The Wheatsheaf Banbury, United Kingdom
4/3/17 The Underground Plymouth, United Kingdom
3/3/17 Cellar Bar Stafford, United Kingdom
25/2/17 The Underworld Camden, United Kingdom
24/2/17 Portland Arms Cambridge, United Kingdom
30/1/17 The Underworld Camden, United Kingdom